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Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes Named to Blue Ridge Outdoors’ Top 40 List

It’s very cool that Blue Ridge Outdoors named Stem Footwear’s minimalist shoes to their Top 40 List.

Blue Ridge Outdoors Top 40 Running Shoes

I loved the reviewer’s statement that the shoes are “as flexible as a contortionest”. We LOVE them too, which is why we selected them for our collection at, where we specialize in technologically advanced athletic wear. My feet appreciate their newfound freedom!

You can purchase online at:  Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes

Stem Footwear Video

I loved this short video which accurately describes the benefits of Stem Footwear minimalist shoes for hiking and urban wear.   

Minimalist Footwear – Stem Primal Origins


We are SO excited to have the new Stem minimalist footwear at  We are incredibly psyched about these shoes!  I am not a runner, but I appreciate the need for a comfortable, natural feel.  Stem Primal Origins are right on target for my requirements.  They are getting rave reviews from everyone, including us!

Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes at

Stem Footwear is noticeably different from other minimalist shoe brands.  It is the most flexible footwear with the widest toebox so that your feet can be comfortable and your toes can splay apart freely.  These shoes feature a proprietary air-infused rubber outsole that is 50% lighter and more flexible than the rubber sole used in Vibram Five Fingers.  The Stem Footwear shoes also have a natural foot shape and a stitch-down footbed that eliminates the need for a midsole/insole.  These are not shoes from a traditional shoe company!  

The soles of Stem Footwear is made from air-infused rubber.  Think ultra light and flexible — they move with your foot, not against it.  

To give you an idea of how well received these are in the marketplace, one of our first customers bought a pair, and then turned around and purchased three more pair from us within 2 weeks.  Do you get the impression our customers love these shoes?  

I will have more on information on Stem Footwear soon.  For now, check these out:  

Stem Footwear — Purchase Online offers free shipping to US and Canada, and low cost flat rate shipping to other international locations.