Monthly Archives: November 2010 Article on Kinesio Support Technology and CW-X Tights


I found this article on that did a quick review of the concept of Kinesio Support Web and its use in CW-X Tights.  For background information, is “The Sports Medicine Network of Product Reviews & Information”.  

It’s a good article because it talks about the concept of Kinesio Support Technology, and its importance in helping athletes, professional and amateur, with recovery and support.  The benefits of CW-X tights and kinesio support technology include increased endurance, shorter recovery times after exercise, and less lactic acid build-up following exercise.  The article also includes information on how to select the right style of CW-X tights for your needs.

For further information about the concept of kinesio support technology, read my blog where I describe its use with helping athletes increase endurance and reduce fatigue:

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