Summer Fitness — CW-X Men’s Pro Shorts


It is interesting that CW-X Men’s Pro Shorts are featured on the cover of the July 2014 issue of Runners World, the Summer Fitness edition.  Tristan Tool, collegiate sprinter and now a high school track coach, is sporting the CW-X Men’s Pro Shorts.


CW-X Men’s Pro Shorts have been a staple in most runners’ closets, as they are extremely well made, durable, and they simply get the job done!  It is hard to believe that they retail for only $80.00 USD.  CW-X Pro Shorts feature patented conditioning wear support, which acts as a taping mechanism to support major muscle groups.  CW-X Pro Shorts support the leg muscles, and also the lower back and hips.  You won’t find shorts like this at Target or Walmart!  They are also great for hiking and all outdoor activities.  I wear the Women’s Pro Shorts when mowing the lawn!  I have a lot of grass to cut with a push mower, and these shorts can be depended on to help reduce muscle fatigue.

Purchase online at  They retail for $80.00, but you can use the Coupon Code “proshorts” for an additional 10% discount off list price.  The coupon code applies to both CW-X Men’s Pro Shorts and CW-X Women’s Pro Shorts.

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