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Training for the World Mountain Running Championships — in Drymax Lite Trail Run Socks!


Two time Olympic Trials Qualifier, Sage Canaday, trains for the World Mountain Running Championships in his Drymax Lite Trail Run Socks!  Pictures speak a thousand words….

Drymax Lite Trail Run Socks are available in two styles:  Drymax Lite Trail Run 1/4 Crew and Drymax Lite Trail Run Mini Crew.  The collection of technologically advanced socks can be purchased online at  Use the Coupon Code “Blog” during check-out for an additional 10% discount.

Leming Footwear to Introduce New Styles for Early 2013!


The ever popular Leming Footwear (formerly Stem Footwear) just announced that they will be introducing some new styles in 2013.  I’m stoked!  I absolutely LOVE my Primal Origins lifestyle minimalist shoes from Leming.  We have sold these shoes throughout the US, Canada and all parts of the world, and all of our customers who have tried them have given them nothing but raving reviews.   These shoes are being designed by Andrew Rademacher, who is the designer of the ever-popular Primal Origins.

Five NEW Styles for early 2013:

All of these new styles will be built on a new 8.0mm LEMRubber™ air-infused sole.  The air-infused rubber sole is one of the reasons the current style of Primal Origins by Leming so comfortable.  The flexibility and lightness in this sole can’t be beat!

  • Men’s Dress Oxford (expected release February 2013)
  • Women’s Mary Jane (expected release February 2013)
  • All Season Boot (expected release February 2013)
  • Boat Shoe (expected release April 2013)
  • Men’s Canvas Loafer (expected release April 2013) is proud to carry the Leming Footwear Primal Origins in our store:   Leming Primal Origins

Benefits of CW-X Ventilator Tights


I enjoyed watching this short video review of CW-X Women’s Ventilator Tights.  As the health craze continues and people start to embrace running as a way of life, we think people will understand the benefits of utilizing the conditioning web support found in the CW-X tights.

This is an unbiased video, and we happen to agree with her!   Purchase online at:  For an additional discount, use the Coupon Code “Blog” at checkout.

CW-X Ultra Support Bra Featured on The View!!


The May 28, 2012 episode of The View featured the CW-X Ultra Support Bra. Find out why!

This bra can be purchased online at: For an additional discount, use the Coupon Code “Blog” during checkout.

CW-X Stabilyx Tights Win at the 2012 Antartica Marathon — Brrrrr!!!


I had no idea there was a marathon in Antartica until today.  Wow!  As a person who will come up with any excuse not to exercise, I can’t imagine how people motivate themselves to run in a blinding snow.  I suppose that’s why they’re healthy and why I struggle!

Onto the news!  Brooke Curran won the recent 2012 Antarctica Marathon, wearing CW-X Stabilyx Tights. The conditions were very tough; 40 MPH winds, 5F wind chill factor, and blinding snow!!CW-X Women's Stabilyx Tights

An Examiner report commented, “And while most runners generally wear little more than tank tops and shorts, Curran beat out her competitors dressed in a heavy winter running top, weatherproof shell, thick tights and two pairs of gloves fitted with chemical handwarmers.” 

You can purchase CW-X Stabilyx Tights at  They come in two varieties for women:  CW-X Stabilyx Tights and CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights (for running at 40 degrees F or below).  For an extra discount, use the Coupon Code “Blog” during checkout.

Drymax Hockey Socks on the Tennis Court!!


Bethanie Mattek-Sands Wearing White Drymax Over-the-Calf Hockey Socks

Bethanie Mattek-Sands, a top-ranked professional tennis player, just won her round at the 2012 French Open this past weekend.  I was doing a little research on Bethanie, and found that one of her socks of choice while playing tennis is the Drymax Over-the-Calf Hockey Socks.

Gotta love it!  At least she enjoys the blister-free protection of Drymax Socks!

Bethanie Mattek-Sands Wears Drymax Hockey Socks on the Tennis Court

Bethanie Mattek-Sands Wearing Black Drymax Over-the-Calf Hockey Socks