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Braces for Prevention of Sports Injuries

The American Journal of Sports Medicine just came out with a study that shows that there is a reduction in the incidence of ankle injuries when using ankle braces as a method for the prevention of sports injuries.  This study was done on high school football players, but it could have relevance to any type of sports, including soccer, running, tennis, etc.  

Ankle Braces Help Prevent Sports Injuries

The study included 2,081 players from 50 high schools, and it was concluded that players who used ankle braces had a lower incidence of acute ankle injuries than the control group that was not wearing ankle braces. has added the collection of ankle braces, achilles braces and knee braces from CEP Mediven since we agree with the American Journal of Sports Medicine on the value of ankle, knee and joint support.  For a 10% discount off all merchandise, use the Coupon Code:  “Blog” during checkout.  Purchase here:

CEP Mediven Braces and Supports

We are interested in hearing from people who have used ankle support and/or ankle braces while playing sports.  Please feel free to share your comments!