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CEP Compression Socks Review

TriBomb reviewed CEP Compression Socks, and gave them their highest rating of 5 stars!  I know we love the CEP Compression Socks here at  

In comparing CEP Compression Socks to other brands of compression socks, TriBomb felt that the CEP socks were unmatched in comfort.  TriBomb was also impressed with the level of compression in the CEP socks, and that the compression was in all of the right places.  

When purchasing compression socks, it is important to look at the mmHg measurement, which is a measure of compression force.  Socks with a higher mmHG have greater compression.  This measurement is important, depending on your activity or whether you plan to use the socks for recovery only.  As with anything, having compression in the right places is extremely important.  Too much compression for a lower level of activity won’t be comfortable, and too little compression for high levels of activity won’t give you the desired effect.   CEP socks have a graduated compression, so they have greater compression in the ankle compared to the calf.  Compression socks are designed to increase circulation and bring more oxygen to the muscles resulting in better performance and quicker recovery times.  

Here is a link to TriBomb’s review:  Review of CEP Compression Socks is high on the benefits of compression socks!  For a 10% discount off CEP Compression Socks, use the Coupon Code “Blog” during checkout:  CEP Compression Socks.