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Favorite Winter Gear — Drymax Cold Weather Socks


Jill Outside, a cyclist and endurance trail runner, writes about her favorite winter gear, which includes Drymax Cold Weather Socks worn under vapor barrier socks.  I have never heard of vapor barrier socks, but it sounds like a great concept to keep your feet warm.  I am very familiar with Drymax Cold Weather Socks, as they keep my feet warm when I go into the great outdoors here in cold, wintry Pennsylvania.

Jill Outside, Just the Adventure of Life

Drymax Cold Weather Socks

Drymax Cold Weather Socks Technical Features

Buy online at:  Drymax Cold Weather Socks

Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes Named to Blue Ridge Outdoors Top 40 List

Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes Named to Blue Ridge Outdoors Top 40 List

The new minimalist shoes from Stem Footwear were named to Blue Ridge Outdoors; Top 40 List.  Blue Ridge Outdoors named the Stem Primal Origins and Survival Origins as their Top 40 running shoes:

Blue Ridge Outdoors Top 40 Running Shoes

Stem Primal Origins

Stem Primal Origins -- Ultra Flexible

I loved the reviewer’s statement that the shoes are “as flexible as a contortionest”. We  LOVE the new minimalist shoes from Stem Footwear.  We selected them for our collection at, where we specialize in technologically advanced athletic wear.  My first pair of shoes from Stem are the Stem Primal Origins.  My feet appreciate their newfound freedom!  

Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes are currently available in several styles, including Stem Primal Origins, Stem Survival Origins and Stem Natural Origins.  Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes can be purchased online at:  Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes



CoolFitWear and its parent company, Accelerate It! LLC, was founded in early 2004 to support the active lifestyle.  At, we strive to appeal to consumers worldwide who have a sense of style, fitness and desire for well-being.

This pursuit has led us to market the most advanced clothing technology on the planet. We are on the cutting edge of fitness design, and all of our work is dedicated to enhancing the performance of athletes and others who demand the highest quality lifestyle gear.  It is the spirit of competition that drives us to continually seek perfection and innovative new products that will change the activewear and lifestyle gear industry.

Using a stringent selection criteria, we have selected brands which are technologically advanced. Some of the brands we carry are: CEP, CW-X, Drymax Socks, SLS3 and Stem Footwear Minimalist Shoes.

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Morrison Vein Institute Recommends Compression Socks

Morisson Vein Institute recommends that you wear compression socks everyday, whether you are running a marathon, traveling on an airplane, working on your feet all day or just walking around the mall.  We agree with them!

Morrison Vein Institute and CEP sells CEP Compression Socks and Sleeves on our website:

CEP Compression Socks and Sleeves