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Zensah — The Number One Selling Leg Sleeve Brand


I love the Zensah Leg Sleeves!  They are made in the USA, and they are so comfortable!  They seem to have a bit less compression than CEP, but that makes them more suitable as my preference for daily wear.  Congratulations for Zensah for this recognition as the #1 selling leg sleeve.  Buy them online at

Here is the official press release from Zensah released November 29, 2012:

Zensah®- The Number One Selling Leg Sleeve Brand
Zensah® is the number one selling compression leg sleeve in run specialty according to Leisure Trends Group Data

Miami, FL – November 28, 2012 – Zensah® is the number one selling compression leg sleeve for running specialty, according to Leisure Trends Group Specialty Running Retail TRAK™ YTD Data.

Leisure Trends Group (LTG) is a leading market research firm, measuring trends and information about prominent markets like Running Specialty. Their data provides insight into standout items in the running industry, based on data from point of sale at retail.

LTG’s most recent year to date statistics (January – November 2012) state Zensah Compression Apparel as the number one selling compression leg sleeve in the USA for Running Specialty. Zensah® is the best selling compression leg sleeve four years in a row (2009-2012).

Lee Silverman of JackRabbit Sports in NYC says, “We have been working with Zensah for the past 5 years, and in 2012 we sold more than twice as many calf sleeves as the next leading brand. The variety of colors and styles allows us to match the tastes of many different runners, the product is consistently high quality, and re-ordering is simple and effortless.”

The premise behind compression apparel is that it helps runners to improve circulation, prevent muscle injury, and speed up recovery. Zensah® is the leading compression brand four years running. In addition to their top selling leg sleeves, they are recognized among athletes for their compression socks, ankle sleeves, and seamless sports bra. Their products can be found in specialty stores across the nation.

Suzanne Kerpel, Marketing Director at Zensah® says, “We are excited to announce Zensah as the number one selling compression leg sleeves! We are especially thankful for our Running Specialty partners who have helped us grow the Zensah® brand.“

About Zensah: Zensah® is a Miami-based company, specializing in sports compression apparel. Their seamless compression products are praised by athletes and fitness enthusiasts, including runners, cyclists, and triathletes. Zensah® offers compression products for performance and recovery. According to Leisure Trends Group Specialty Running RetailTRAK™, Zensah® has the number one selling Compression Leg Sleeves in the US for Running Specialty.