Category Archives: Drymax Maximum Protection Run Socks Selects Drymax Socks as one of their 5 Running Gear Picks for Spring

Standard selected Drymax Maximum Protection Running Socks as one of their 5 Running Gear Picks for Spring.

Drymax Socks — Top Spring Running Gear from

Drymax Socks continue to rock the house by everyone who tries them, including the experts!

“The one thing runners want from a pair of socks is comfort. The Drymax Maximum Protection Running Sock provides the most comfortable ride of any pair of socks I’ve tried. It’s made with Teflon-like fabrics that help keep blisters at bay by reducing friction and getting rid of moisture.  Drymax Maximum Protection Running Socks

The Drymax Maximum Protection socks are very well-padded and provide an extra bit of cushioning which makes long runs more comfortable. At approximately $25, they are a bit on the pricey side. But a little extra comfort can go a long way, especially if you’re in the midst of marathon or half marathon training.”


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