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Benefits of CW-X Ventilator Tights


I enjoyed watching this short video review of CW-X Women’s Ventilator Tights.  As the health craze continues and people start to embrace running as a way of life, we think people will understand the benefits of utilizing the conditioning web support found in the CW-X tights.

This is an unbiased video, and we happen to agree with her!   Purchase online at:  For an additional discount, use the Coupon Code “Blog” at checkout.


CW-X Ultra Support Bra Featured on The View!!


The May 28, 2012 episode of The View featured the CW-X Ultra Support Bra. Find out why!

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CW-X Stabilyx Tights Win at the 2012 Antartica Marathon — Brrrrr!!!


I had no idea there was a marathon in Antartica until today.  Wow!  As a person who will come up with any excuse not to exercise, I can’t imagine how people motivate themselves to run in a blinding snow.  I suppose that’s why they’re healthy and why I struggle!

Onto the news!  Brooke Curran won the recent 2012 Antarctica Marathon, wearing CW-X Stabilyx Tights. The conditions were very tough; 40 MPH winds, 5F wind chill factor, and blinding snow!!CW-X Women's Stabilyx Tights

An Examiner report commented, “And while most runners generally wear little more than tank tops and shorts, Curran beat out her competitors dressed in a heavy winter running top, weatherproof shell, thick tights and two pairs of gloves fitted with chemical handwarmers.” 

You can purchase CW-X Stabilyx Tights at  They come in two varieties for women:  CW-X Stabilyx Tights and CW-X Insulator Stabilyx Tights (for running at 40 degrees F or below).  For an extra discount, use the Coupon Code “Blog” during checkout.

Review of SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks


I found this review from a women’s running group about the SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks made by SLS3 in California. Yes, these are Made in the USA!

They are flattering about the socks, but also have some realistic comments. It’s an excellent review if you are still on the fence about the benefits of compression socks when running, hiking, walking or traveling.

Gear Review: SLS3 Compression Socks

The SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks may look like a fashion statement, but they are very practical and will help alleviate muscle soreness, increase blood flow and decrease lactic acid build-up.

Shop online at Free Shipping to the US and Canada. Low flat rate shipping to other international locations.

SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks


CoolFitWear Butterfly Compression Socks, Technologically Advanced Athletic Wear.

We love the newest Butterfly Compression Socks from SLS3.  They are Made in the USA, and they offer kick-ass support while walking, running marathons or competing in a triathlon.

SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks

Hibiscus Pink/White

CoolFitWear Product Detail, Technologically Advanced Athletic Wear

Azure Blue/White

SLS3 Intelligent Race Apparel will change the way you think about what to wear during training and competition. Scientific tests have shown that the SLS3 Compression Socks boost blood flow about 34%. This increases oxygen delivery to the working muscles to enhance their performance. The circulation improvements also help the body to eliminate metabolic wastes like lactic acid. The combination of these effects allows you to work harder and longer.

The SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks also offer significant support to the Achilles tendon, tibia, calf and ankle. This boosts the ability to reduce common ankle and foot injuries. The supportive effect and the compression of the SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks reduce the muscle vibration drastically, which leads to less damage of the soft tissue and less sore muscles.

Purchase online at Free shipping on all orders to the US and Canada. Low international flat rate shipping to other locations. Your legs will thank you!

CW-X Men’s Ventilator Tri Shorts


CW-X Ventilator Tri Shorts is committed to seeking out the most technologically advanced athletic wear.  Since the season is upon us and there is an increased number of people jumping into the sport of Triathlon, it’s important that you have the best gear for the job.  A few things attracted us to the CW-X Ventilator Tri Shorts — in addition to the best muscle support, CW-X Ventilator Tri Shorts are also rated UPF 50+ for sun protection.   CW-X Ventilator Tri Shorts are available for both Men and Women. offers FREE shipping to US and Canada on all orders, and low flat rate international shipping.


CW-X Ventilator Tri-Shorts are designed for targeted muscle support during warm weather triathlon training and competition. The CW-X Support Web™ provides targeted support to the areas most taxed by a triathlete – the core, hip flexors and back – while Mesh ventilation panels allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter, reducing heat fatigue. Targeted compression allows for improved circulation and accelerated recovery.

Mesh ventilation panels in the quadriceps allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter, reducing heat fatigue and improving circulation. The Support Web™ harnesses the midsection, supporting the lower abdominals, hips and back to channel power through the core. The Support Web also provides targeted support to the IT band and it engages the hamstring and quadricep muscles for greater stability and improved performance. Variable compression facilitates circulation during and after activity, minimizing lactic acid build-up so that you can be active longer and recover faster.

  • 80% Nylon/20% Lycra® 2-way stretch Kinesio Support Web™ multidirectional stretch fabric exoskeleton supports lower abdominals, back, hamstrings, quadriceps and IT band.
  • LiteStretch™ with 4-way stretch mesh fabric for ventilation
  • Lightweight, polyester/fleece chamois insert
  • Flat seam construction
  • Abdominal support panel for Ventilator Tri Shorts provides extra support to the lower abs
  • Reflective logos provide extra visibility for evening activities
  • UPF 50+ for UVA/UVB protection
  • 80% Coolmax®/20% Lycra® 4-way stretch body fabric: Helps keep the body cool and dry, pulling moisture away from the body and carrying it to the outside of the tight.

CW-X Ventilator Tri Shorts for Men can be purchased online here:  CW-X Men’s Ventilator Tri Shorts

CW-X Ventilator Tri Shorts for Women can be purchased online here:  CW-X Women’s Ventilator Tri Shorts

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CW-X Men’s Ventilator Tri Shorts and CW-X Men’s Ventilator Tri Web Top


CoolFitWear Product Detail, Technologically Advanced Athletic Wear.

Spring Has Sprung — Time to get in Shape!


The weather is perfect for getting back out there and getting in shape.  No excuses!  The CW-X Women’s 3/4 Stabilyx Tights are perfect for the task.  CW-X tights are designed with a patented internal conditioning web to help muscles and ligaments band together to stabilize the knee joint.  They help decrease lactic acid, which is what causes burning sensations during workouts and runs.  Most people claim that they can run harder and longer when wearing these tights.  The opportunity for injury diminishes when wearing compression gear.  Another benefit of CW-X Women’s 3/4 Stabilyx Tights are they they provide extra support to the lower abs, hips and back for extra stability and power to the core area of the body.

Here is what The Doctors had to say about CW-X Women’s 3/4 Stabilyx Tights:  “These decrease lactic acid build-up which is that burning sensation we have all had when we worked out a little too hard. That’s lactic acid build-up. The idea is the less lactic acid, you can work out longer.”


These can be purchased online at:  Free shipping to US and Canada on all orders, no minimum. Article on Kinesio Support Technology and CW-X Tights


I found this article on that did a quick review of the concept of Kinesio Support Web and its use in CW-X Tights.  For background information, is “The Sports Medicine Network of Product Reviews & Information”.  

It’s a good article because it talks about the concept of Kinesio Support Technology, and its importance in helping athletes, professional and amateur, with recovery and support.  The benefits of CW-X tights and kinesio support technology include increased endurance, shorter recovery times after exercise, and less lactic acid build-up following exercise.  The article also includes information on how to select the right style of CW-X tights for your needs.

For further information about the concept of kinesio support technology, read my blog where I describe its use with helping athletes increase endurance and reduce fatigue:

For an additional 10% discount off CW-X tights, shop at and use the Coupon Code “Kinesio” during checkout. carries the full collection of CW-X Tights and Shorts:

Kinesio Support Technology


Kinesio Support Technology

The new buzzword in town is Kinesio Support Technology.  So what is it, and what does it mean?

First, I’ll explain the concept of Kinesio Taping.  Kinesio Taping is a methodology to give support and stability to joints and muscles without affecting circulation or range of motion.  It is a technique based on the body’s own natural healing process.  It comes from the science of Kinesiology.  Failure of muscles to function properly causes other problems and symptoms.  It is from here that the idea of treating muscles will help jumpstart the body’s own healing process.  Kinesio Taping is now used to treat nerves, muscles and organs.  Doctors worldwide are using Kinesio Taping to treat their patients, and athletes around the world use it to improve their performance.  The Kinesio Taping Method is applied over muscles.  It helps to reduce pain and inflammation, to support muscles, and to reduce stress caused by overuse of muscles.  It is also helpful in the recovery process.

CW-X Kinesio Support Web Technology

CW-X took the concept of Kinesio Taping and applied it to their line of performance tights, shorts and tops. The patented CW-X Kinesio Support Web technology mimics Kinesio taping techniques that trainers apply to injured muscles. When this technology is applied to muscles and joints, it creates an exoskeletal support system that improves biomechanics during motion. The Kinesio Support Web provides targeted support to key areas, decreasing muscle oscillation and focusing power so your muscles work more efficiently. Variable compression along the web facilitates circulation, minimizing lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness, so you can be active longer and recover faster.

Human Science Research Center, Kyoto, Japan: Study of Electrical Pulse Activity in Muscles

Muscles firing into motion were measured electromyographically for subjects wearing CW-X gear, subjects wearing competitor products, and subjects with bare legs. Electrical pulse activity decreased in unsupported and partly supported legs during exercise, indicative of fatigue. Legs supported by CW-X showed a negligible decrease in electrical pulse activity.

So What Does it Mean for Me?

For athletes and people engaged in strenuous sports such as running, triathlons, rowing, cycling, equestrian sports, etc., it means improved performance and quicker recovery time. Most people who use CW-X tights with the patented Kinesio Support Web note a marked improvement in performance and increased endurance, with less pain and quicker recovery.

Coupon Code

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CW-X 3/4 Stabilyx Tights Featured on The Doctors


The Doctors Report: CW-X Workout Tights Help Support Muscles

The 3/4 Stabilyx Tights (Men’s and Women’s) were recently featured on The Doctors, a popular television series. “These decrease lactic acid build-up which is that burning sensation we have all had when we worked out a little too hard. That’s lactic acid build-up. The idea is the less lactic acid, you can work out longer.”

Even Jillian Michaels wants a pair!

CW-X 3/4 Stabilyx Tights are available in both Men’s and Women’s styles. Purchase them online at When ordering online, use the Coupon Code “thedoctors” for a special discount, or when calling, reference “The Doctors”.